Squishmallows: Treyton 12″ Yellow Axolotl



Yellow Axolotl Treyton


Squeeze and Cuddle Me!

Serre-Moi et Câline-Moi!

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-Have you met Treyton the Yellow Axolotl? Jazz music, prank videos, and grilled cheese sandwiches are some of Treyton’s favorite things. One day he accidentally called his saxophone a grilled cheese Sandwich, and then he decided to keep the name. What would you name an instrument?

La musique jazz, les vidéos de farces et les sandwichs au fromage grillé font partie des spécialités de Treyton. Un jour, il a accidentellement appelé son saaxophone <<Sandwich au fromage grillé>>, puis il a décidé de garder le nom. Quel nom donneriz-vous à un instrument?


Treyton is a pale yellow color on his body with shinny cream gills on either side of his head. He has small, stubby arms and a white belly. He has round black eyes and a cat-like smile.

In Treyton’s 12″ plush, his body is a light yellow with a cream color tummy, and his gills are made of a shiny cream fabric with feathery yellow touches.


Product Description

The plush toys are on the way to fill your hearts with love and affection. Since 2017, these collections have offered comfort, support, and warmth as couch companions, pillow pals, bedtime buddies, and travel teammates. No need to feel alone, you’ll have a buddy for the movies, the bedtime stories, the laughs and more!

  • Super soft marshmallow-like texture made of polyester fabric.
  • Item measures 12 Inches of Lovable Cuddly Fun
  • Easily washable and dryable
  • Perfect for travel
  • Great gifts for any age

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in


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