Zatchbell: Dawn Of The Ancients Booster Pack


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Every thousand years, one hundred Mamodo descend upon Earth from the Mamodo World to engage in the ultimate battle. Each Mamodo needs a human partner to activate the powerful spells contained in their spell books. In Zatchbell! the Card Battle, you are one of these humans. Construct your spell book and join in the battle for control of the Mamodo World.

Collect all 70 cards in the Dawn Of The Ancients booster series. Each pack includes randomly inserted:

  • 6 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare
  • 1 Parallel holographic card (1:1 pack)
  • Super Rare card (1:6 packs)

There are 21 Mamodo cards, 9 Partner cards, 32 Spell cards, and 8 Event cards in the series.

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