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first issue shipped out will be the next issue that arrives after date of purchase.

If title ends before subscription runs out, you can transfer remaining purchased comics to another title.

All comics will be shipped on their release date

All comics will ship in a bag and board

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This is for the DEADPOOL (2019) run.

Any amount of comics purchased from this page will just be added to your subscription list.

If you purchase 4 comics, then you will receive four consecutive issues of DEADPOOL (2019), starting from the month of purchase, and continuing until the number of books purchased has been met.

If you want a YEAR of DEADPOOL then purchase 12 issues.

If you only want six months of DEADPOOL then 6 comics should be ordered.

For titles that released bi-weekly (twice a month), an order of 6 issues will be THREE months, an order of 12 issues will be SIX months, etc.

First issue shipped out will be the next issue that arrives after date of purchase.

For example: If a subscription for five DEADPOOL comics is ordered on a Saturday in May, then the first issue sent out will be the DEADPOOL issue that released that May, the second copy sent out will be the next consecutive issue (usually the issue that releases the next month, June)


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