Amazing Spider-Man #56, 57, 58

Maestro: War & Pax #1

Legion of Super-Heroes #12

TMNT #113

TMNT Best of Leonardo

Ultraman #5

Crossover #3

Future State Superman Wonder Woman #1

Future State Superman of Metropolis #1

Future State The Next Batman #1

Future State Dark Detective #1, 2

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1

Future State Wonder Woman #1

Future State Wonder Woman #2


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Please let me know you have heard of a different title you would like to check out or if a title just isn’t doing it for you anymore.  Thanks

In the pictures on the left we have put the covers of the issues that we have on hold

Please let me know if you would like another cover, and I’ll see what we can do.

The price is the Total price of all issues listed with the 20% discount included


tax and shipping will be added during purchase.


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