The Incal: The Epic Journey


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By Jodorowsky & Moebius, from Humanoids/DC Comics. 160 pages, color.

The Incal: The Epic Journey concludes the classic science fiction adventure started in The Incal: The Epic Conspiracy.

With the great darkness attacking the galaxy, John DiFool races through the cosmos with his companions, which include his pet concrete bird, Deepo, and the universe’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, together they struggle to stop the great darkness’ onslaught.

Along the way, John encounters giant jellyfish creatures, fights thousands of warriors for the hand of the Bergs’ Queen and convinces a planet full of his clones to take part in a simultaneous group meditation. This all leads to his cosmic encounter with the entity ORH, who presents him with the wildest opportunity a human being has ever been given… or maybe just the cruelest of all jokes.

Moebius, the internationally acclaimed illustrator of countless graphic novels, and film designer for Alien, The Abyss, and The Fifth Element, first influenced a generation with The Incal. In this beautifully re-colored collection, he collaborates with legendary writer and filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky, co-creator of The Technopriests and The Metabarons and writer/director of the famous cult movie El Topo, Santa Sangre, and The Holy Mountain.


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