like we would forget the most popular costuming choice for children big an small?

Ranging from the classic Ninja of myth, all the way to the latest in Anime and Gaming. No other costume choice can be as easy or as complete as the Ninja.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Black/dark colour clothing, Face covering.

Usually seen, or not seen, in black comfortable shirt and pants, with a head and face cover. While a full face covering is an option, most go with covering of the noise, mouth and chin. As well as a scarf covering the hair.

Many choose to accent their costume with classic ninja weapons of throwing stars and knives and a short sword.


People choosing a more specific Ninja from Comics, Anime or Games, will also need to add distinctive logos or charateristics for that character.

The anime Naruto’s main character Naruto is known for his distinctive Neon Orange shirt/pants, Yellow hair, and six “cat” whiskers on his cheeks. (These can easily be drawn onto a face mask of flesh tone colour, or a mask with the whiskers already on can be purchased from a shop near you or online)

Kakashi (from the same anime) is known for his white hair, eyepatch bandana and lower face mask.

Moving over into video games, Mortal Kombat with it’s multi- coloured, multi-storied Ninjas offer a wealth of options.


If choosing to go Ninja this year, please remember to accent your costume with REFLECTIVE tape or other visibility enhancements, so that drivers can see you when crossing roads.

Get creative and use reflective tape to enhance your Ninja costume (think Black Widow in Age of Ultron with her blue widows-bites running throughout the costume)

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