Star Wars: The Mandalorians


Up until a few years ago, the most famous Mandalorian was Boba Fett, appearing in only two live action movies (not including the Special Editions where he was added into ‘A New Hope’ from a deleted scene) and then a Christmas Special. This character has taken on a life of it’s own. Lore around both Fett and the Mandalorians has expanded into several comics, novels, video games and tv shows.

The mystery and interest surrounding the Mandalorians and Boba Fett proved so strong that within the Prequels made sure to include a Mandalorian and father to Boba Fett, Jango Fett.

The most recent addition in to the live action lore of the Mandalorians is with the Disney+ show ‘The Mandalorian’, with the main character not having a spoken name other than Mandalorian.

A lack of on screen live action characters has not slowed down the lore or love of The Mandalorians, whos legends has grown and expanded to include a dedicated cosplay fangroup, and several characters within the comic books, animated TV shows and video games.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Armor, Helmet & Mandalorian logo of a distinctive skull.

Helmet must feature a horizontal connected eye slit, with a vertical slit down the center, connecting the eye slit with the

bottom of the helmet.

Because of the wide variety of characters and species who belong to the Mandalorians there is no one way of colouring their helmet or armor, nor one single clan crest or logo. The most common single logo associated with Mandalorians is the SKULL logo, which is of an ancient beast, the mythosaur, from one of the “home” worlds claimed by the Mandalorian people.

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