Star Wars: Darth Vader

So any discussion of classic characters in face masks must include the most classic of all characters.

Darth Vader

First seen on screen in Star Wars, latter the title changed to Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Darth Vader was the Dark Lord of the Sith, a mystical and mysterious commander in the ranks of the Imperial Armada. A powerful servant and the Right hand of the Emperor, Darth Vader was the ultimate villain to the scattered Rebels, hunting them throughout the galaxy.

First only words on a page, Ralph McQuarrie, legendary conceptual designer, brought  all of the characters of the Star Wars script to life through a series of beautiful oil paintings. While most of the early character designs changed from painting to screen, Darth Vader’s classic look kept many of of the original design elements.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Black on Black.

Eye Goggles, triangle shaped rebreather over the mouth area, and a swept back helmet. A simply detailed (black and grey) shoulder collar with a square electronic case hanging below. Finish off with black fabric falling from the shoulders, belted at the waist and a black floor length cape.

As this character has been around so long, with such distinctive characteristics, over time (and within the last 10 years) many changes: additions, subtractions and Mash-Ups have been taken with the overall classic look.

A quick google search for Darth Vader Cosplay or Darth Vader Mashup can net a wealth of results.

As will every costume, No Matter What You Do. It. Is. All. In. The. Details.

And don’t forget to have fun.

Ralph McQuarrie


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