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First showing up in the comics in the early 1990’s Venom, like the symbiote suite itself, has taken on a life of it’s own. Probably one of the most popular Spider-Man villains/anti-heroes out there. The Venom/Eddie Brock combination never considered themselves villains but rather Heroes willing to do what needed to be done. While many people have bonded with the Venom symbiote over the years the most common hosts are Eddie Brock and more recently Flash Thompson.

While first host Eddie Brock was wearing the alien symbiote, his hatred of the other Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parkers ability to get Spider-Man pictures influenced his affect on and relationship with the Venom symbiote. Combining with the symbiotes feelings of anger at its rejection by Peter. Creating a dangerous feedback loop of two different personalities hatting one person, resulted in the crazy mad character of Venom.

Years latter when Flash Thompson is wearing the suite on behalf of the US military in a Highly Classified program, the symbiote learns team-work and how to control its temper.

Despite many different hosts, the symbiote still seems to prefer Eddie. Current comic stories have expanded the Symbiote lore even more.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Black, White Spider, CRAZY Teeth filled mouth.

Venom, like their first host favors a spider logo across the chest. Their look is mostly a full black suit with a large white on the chest whose legs wrap around the torso onto the back into another white spider.

Outside of the white spider on the chest Venom’s most memorable characteristic is their mouth that can stretch to crazy proportions, is filled with teeth and a long prehensile tongue.

If you do not wish to go for a full Venom Face Mask (they can be pricy). We have seen that several places both online and in store offer Face Masks with Venoms’ distinctive tongue and/or Teeth on full display. Truly a great addition to any costume effort.

When choosing a Spider or Spider adjacent character, there is no wrong way to do it. (This does not mean that non-comic people will recognize your character), As long as you have webs, a Spider on your chest, (or crazy tongue and teeth), everything else is details.

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