Spider-Verse, Gwen


Alternate Universe Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy. In her Universe, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider rather than her best friend Peter Parker.

Originally spinning out of a series of comic covers that replaced the main title character with Gwen Stacy. Her turn as a Spider was one of the more interesting designs and Spider-Gwen (as well as GwenPool) went on to have her own comic title as well as taking part in multiple Spider Events. Like with Miles, Spider-Gwen has recently grown in the mainstream public with appearances in animated films like ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ and the last few Spider animated TV shows.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Like most Spider people Gwen favors a full face mask, and has the standard webs and a stylized spider. The top half of her costume is white with webbing, touches of pink on the inside of the arms and hood with black leggings and, strangely, teal ballet slippers.

Also different from most of the Spider gang is the hood: white outside, pink with webs inside. The stylized spider is on her back with the legs wrapping around to her front.

Spider-Gwen has also worn a Venom suit as well, which when doing a Venom, the only rules are Black, White, Teeth and Go CRAZY.

As will the other Spider characters when using a full face mask rather than just a Nose and Mouth covering, remember to bring a lower face covering for the times when you feel like removing the full face mask. (stay safe y’all)


The fun thing about all of the Spider types is that as long as you get the colours in the general area, add webbing and a spider, almost anything is fair game.

As we will see latter this week, each Spider has had a selection of different costumes through the years.  Everything from Peter in his home made costume for his Wrestling debut to his Iron Man made Iron-Spider costume.

Some are intricately detailed (Iron Spider) some are sweats and a hoodie (Scarlet Spider).

When choosing a Spider, there is no wrong way to do it. (This does not mean that non-comic people will recognize your character), As long as you have webs and a Spider on your chest everything else is details.

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