Spider-Verse, Miles

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Bitten by a genetically engineered spider in the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales was and still is a normal High School kid just trying to get through school with his best friend, Ganke (who has an almost unhealthy love of Legos). After getting spider powers Miles chooses not to be a super-hero reasoning that there is already a Spider Hero and there would be no need for another. Also, he has school.

After the Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter) is killed defeating the Green Goblin (side note you DO NOT mess with Aunt May) and Miles talks with Aunt May and Gwen Stacy at Peters funeral, he makes the decision to try to be a hero like Peter.

After the Ultimate Universe was collapsed/merged with the “main” Marvel Universe of 616, Miles continues to be a Spider-Man. When Miles was first introduced into the Marvel Ultimate Universe there where some people who though that his creation was just a PC stunt by Marvel. However anyone who read more than a single issue of his title knows that Miles was and is a complete character well deserving of his current fame. Recently coming more into the mainstream eye with an excellent animated movie ‘Into The Spider-Verse’, as well as being the lead playable character in the next Spider VideoGame.

Most distinguishing characteristic:

Miles’ Spider suit is all black with RED webbing on the Mask, Chest and Shoulders. A stylized red spider in the center of the chest and thick solid red shoulder accents that connect below the chest.

Because of the film ‘Into The Spider-Verse’, his film costume is as prevalent as his comic book costume. While Miles has not been around as long as Peter, his costume has gone through a few different re-designs as well. But again, as will every Spider, as long as the colour is correct, the webbing and general placement of a spider logo present, one really can not do wrong.

Like many Spider characters Miles has a full face mask rather than just a Nose and Mouth covering. Remember, if choosing to do a Spider, bring a lower face covering for the times when you feel like removing the full face mask. (stay safe y’all)

The fun thing about all of the Spider types is that as long as you get the colours in the general area, add webbing and a spider, almost anything is fair game.

As we will see latter this week, each Spider has had a selection of different costumes through the years.  Everything from Peter in his home made costume for his Wrestling debut to his Iron Man made Iron-Spider costume.

Some are intricately detailed (Iron Spider) some are sweats and a hoodie (Scarlet Spider).

When choosing a Spider, there is no wrong way to do it. (This does not mean that non-comic people will recognize your character), As long as you have webs and a Spider on your chest everything else is details.


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