Spider-Verse, Peter

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Bitten by a radioactive spider way back in the 1960’s when radiation gave you superpowers, the young (high school/College student) first though to make some cash by working the Late Night Talk Show circuit and Professional Wrestling. When certain events happened that would lead him onto the path of an unpaid professional Super-Hero. Specifically Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Most distinguishing characteristic: Peter’s costume has gone through many changes over the years, however no matter how many times it has changed, it always comes back to a classic blue and red.

Spider-Man can often be seen swinging around Queens and Manhaten wearing red shirt, gloves and booties all covered with black webs, matched with royal blue pants and sleeves. A small eight legged bug can be seen in the center of his chest and at times he cares a larger more stylized spider on the back.


Unlike the previous characters posted Spider-Man has a full face mask rather than just a Nose and Mouth covering. Remember, if choosing to do a Spider to bring a lower face covering for the times when you feel like removing the full face mask. (stay safe)


The fun thing about all of the Spider types is that as long as you get the colours in the general area, add webbing and a spider, almost anything is fair game.

As we will see latter this week, each Spider has had a selection of different costumes through the years.  Everything from Peter in his home made costume for his Wrestling debut to his Iron Man made Iron-Spider costume.

Some are intricately detailed (Iron Spider) some are sweats and a hoodie (Scarlet Spider).

When choosing a Spider, there is no wrong way to do it. (This does not mean that non-comic people will recognize your character), As long as you have webs and a Spider on your chest everything else is details.


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