Silk is one of the newer entries to the Spider Gang (while also being one of the “first” spiders)

Introduced in the comics with in the last decade, Cindy Moon was also bitten by the same radioactive spider that infected Peter. However she then spent the following years in extreme quarantine to keep her safe from a Morlun, a “Devourer of Totems”, i.e. he sucks the life out of people.

After Peter defeated Morlun she was released from quarantine and has resumed her life as well as started super-heroing.

Most distinguishing characteristic: Silk’s costume consists of black bottoms and sleeves, a white torso and red lower face mask.

As will all Spider types, she also has webbing and a stylized spider. Her webbing is black on the white torso bleeding into spider legs down her arms and legs. Her spider logo ranges from just the white legs down the arms and legs, to an addition of a red spider in the center of the webbing.

The fun thing about all of the Spider types is that as long as you get the colours in the general area, add webbing and a spider, almost anything is fair game.

As we will see latter this week, each Spider has had a selection of different costumes through the years.  Everything from Peter in his home made costume for his Wrestling debut to his Iron Man made Iron-Spider costume.

Some are intricately detailed (Iron Spider) some are sweats and a hoodie (Scarlet Spider).

When choosing a Spider, there is almost no wrong way to do it. (This does not mean that non-comic people will recognize your character), As long as you have webs and a Spider on your chest everything else is details.









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