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Red Hood

Following in the same thought pattern as the Winter Solider we have

Red Hood

Originally the Second Robin, Jason Todd was killed by the Joker and then resurrected during some Time Wall Punching. (don’t ask, it just makes our head hurt).  After a quick dip in the Lazarus Pit (TM) he came back to Gotham City with a city sized chip on his shoulder. Angry at everyone: the Joker for killing him and Batman for not killing the Joker, he waged a war against both the criminals and heroes of Gotham. Eventually cooling down and coming to an uneasy understanding with the heroes of Gotham (Batman, mostly). The Red Hood operates world wide with a more violent approach to crime control than his first teacher, Batman.

Most distinguishing characteristics are a red helmet or in the current costume, a red hood and mask covering the lower face. As well as a red stylized Bat on a black shirt

Like with the Winter Solider, a quick trip to an Army Surplus store should take care of most of it. Don’t forget the Super-Soakers for extra fun.

An added detail for the Red Hood is that in his current costuming he also cares a crowbar, You can pick up a lightweight one at any Halloween Store that pop up this time of year. (really recommend a fake one, real crowbars are heavy and look a little suspicious when trick-or-treating)

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