Halloween 2020: Challenge Accepted

So, the radio is all over with “Will Halloween happen this year?!?”

Well, yeah!

But even if we have limited Trick-Or-Treat options this year is no reason to skimp out on dressing up.

Current safety measures just make it more fun to find a Scary/Spooky/Fun/Crazy costume that makes you HAPPY


When dressing for Halloween it does not matter what other people think, But what you think.

Are YOU happy with your costume? Then it is a Great Costume.

And, Remember people, It is all in the Details.

First thing. Does your character have a face covering? Preferably over the Nose and Mouth?

I am fully expecting a wave of Nurses and Doctors this year. Also Firefighters in full face covering gear.


So To give some Ideas this year the following 30 days are going to be full of different Comic Book, Anime and Movie Character ideas

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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