SAGA is the the Best and Worst book to tell people about. How do you describe it? A Fantasy? There is magic. A Sc-Fi? There are space ships and lasers. A Drama? There IS So. Much. Drama.

How do we describe SAGA? It is a story about a Family trying to just live. That just happens to be set in space and different planets. With multiple species, magic, lasers and a War between two races and cultures. But at it’s core it is about a Family. Never before have I seen a family depicted with all of the impossible intricate loving fighting heart wrenching realness. When they fight each other you feel it. When they fight outside forces back to back, you feel for them.

When new characters are introduced, even the background characters, everyone is a fully fleshed out person. No one is there just because they look “cool”, and a lot of them really do look “cool”. There are no token characters, there are only people.



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