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SO. . . CA is doing things again

California is rolling back some of the Openings that have been slowly happening across the state.

One of these roll backs is the Closing of INDOOR MALLS

This will affect our locations in the Carlsbad, North County Fair, Parkway Plaza and Plaza Bonita Malls.


Our Locations in the

Chula Vista Mall on H and Broadway,  Mission Valley Mall
and the MAIN store at 1020 El Cajon Blvd


We are working to make sure our Subscribers can still get their books and that books are still being pulled.

Shipments from our closed stores will be rerouted to the open locations to ensure that no matter which Comics-N-Stuff you visit, we will be able to meet your comic needs!

Currently the North County Fair location will be open WEDNESDAY from Noon to 4pm via our outdoor entrance located between the Cheesecake Factory and Target. Call 760-741-1777 for more details.


OR you can give our Parkway Plaza store a ring up if you are interested in a SHIPPING option. Please call 619-447-9777 for more information regarding shipping.


We appreciate your loyalty, kindness and patience during these strange times and we look forward to geeking out with y’all at ALL of our locations soon!

Until then, We Will Be Seeing You At The Comics-N-Stuff That ARE Still OPEN and remember: Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands and Wear a Face Covering when outside the Home.

Comics-N-Stuff Family


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Testing and It Worked.. Yes

Hi, Just trying to test out if I can post the DC “preivews” here.

They are calling it DC Connect

. . . . . . . .

Glory Be, and Hallelujah.

I think that worked, the link will take you to the DC website where they have their Connect listed.

Just click on the Read Now button and it will “download?” for you.

Warning, the bloody thing is 93 pages so don’t print it all out, print select pages.